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Setting up

To run Crawlee on your computer, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Python 3.9 or higher installed,
  2. Pip installed.

You can verify these by running the following commands:

python --version
pip --version


Crawlee is available as the crawlee PyPI package.

pip install crawlee

Additional, optional dependencies unlocking more features are shipped as package extras.

If you plan to use BeautifulSoupCrawler, install crawlee with beautifulsoup extra:

pip install 'crawlee[beautifulsoup]'

If you plan to use PlaywrightCrawler, install crawlee with the playwright extra:

pip install 'crawlee[playwright]'

Then, install the Playwright dependencies:

playwright install

You can install multiple extras at once by using a comma as a separator:

pip install 'crawlee[beautifulsoup,playwright]'

Verify that Crawlee is successfully installed:

python -c 'import crawlee; print(crawlee.__version__)'

With Crawlee CLI

The quickest way to get started with Crawlee is by using the Crawlee CLI and selecting one of the prepared templates. First, ensure you have Pipx installed:

pipx --help

Then, run the CLI and choose from the available templates:

pipx run crawlee create my-crawler

If you already have crawlee installed, you can spin it up by running:

crawlee create my-crawler

Next steps

Next, you will learn how to create a very simple crawler and Crawlee components while building it.