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Crawl specific links on website

This example demonstrates how to crawl a website while targeting specific patterns of links. By utilizing the enqueue_links() helper, you can pass include or exclude parameters to improve your crawling strategy. This approach ensures that only the links matching the specified patterns are added to the RequestQueue. Both include and exclude support lists of globs or regular expressions. This functionality is great for focusing on relevant sections of a website and avoiding scraping unnecessary or irrelevant content.

import asyncio

from crawlee import Glob
from crawlee.beautifulsoup_crawler import BeautifulSoupCrawler, BeautifulSoupCrawlingContext

async def main() -> None:
crawler = BeautifulSoupCrawler(
# Limit the crawl to max requests. Remove or increase it for crawling all links.

# Define the default request handler, which will be called for every request.
async def request_handler(context: BeautifulSoupCrawlingContext) -> None:'Processing {context.request.url} ...')

# Enqueue all the documentation links found on the page, except for the examples.
await context.enqueue_links(

# Run the crawler with the initial list of requests.

if __name__ == '__main__':