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Version: 3.0

Skipping navigations for certain requests

While crawling a website, you may encounter certain resources you'd like to save, but don't need the full power of a crawler to do so (like images delivered through a CDN).

By combining the Request#skipNavigation option with sendRequest, we can fetch the image from the CDN, and save it to our key-value store without needing to use the full crawler.


For this example, we are using the PlaywrightCrawler to showcase this, but this is available on all the crawlers we provide.

import { PlaywrightCrawler, KeyValueStore } from 'crawlee';

// Create a key value store for all images we find
const imageStore = await'images');

const crawler = new PlaywrightCrawler({
async requestHandler({ request, page, sendRequest }) {
// The request should have the navigation skipped
if (request.skipNavigation) {
// Request the image and get its buffer back
const imageBuffer = await sendRequest({ responseType: 'buffer' });

// Save the image in the key-value store
await imageStore.setValue(`${request.userData.key}.png`, imageBuffer);

// Prevent executing the rest of the code as we do not need it

// Get all the image sources in the current page
const images = await page.$$eval('img', (imgs) => => img.src));

// Add all the urls as requests for the crawler, giving each image a key
await crawler.addRequests(, i) => ({ url, skipNavigation: true, userData: { key: i } })));

await crawler.addRequests(['']);

// Run the crawler