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Version: 3.6

LaunchContextOptions <Library, LibraryOptions, LaunchResult, NewPageOptions, NewPageResult>

LaunchContext holds information about the launched browser. It's useful to retrieve the launchOptions, the proxy the browser was launched with or any other information user chose to add to the LaunchContext by calling its extend function. This is very useful to keep track of browser-scoped values, such as session IDs.




browserPlugin: BrowserPlugin<Library, LibraryOptions, LaunchResult, NewPageOptions, NewPageResult>

The BrowserPlugin instance used to launch the browser.


experimentalContainers?: boolean

Like useIncognitoPages, but for persistent contexts, so cache is used for faster loading. Works best with Firefox. Unstable on Chromium.


id?: string

To make identification of LaunchContext easier, BrowserPool assigns the LaunchContext an id that's equal to the id of the page that triggered the browser launch. This is useful, because many pages share a single launch context (single browser).


launchOptions: LibraryOptions

The actual options the browser was launched with, after changes. Those changes would be typically made in pre-launch hooks.


proxyUrl?: string


useIncognitoPages?: boolean

By default pages share the same browser context. If set to true each page uses its own context that is destroyed once the page is closed or crashes.


userDataDir?: string

Path to a User Data Directory, which stores browser session data like cookies and local storage.