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Version: 3.5

BrowserPoolNewPageInNewBrowserOptions <PageOptions, BP>




browserPlugin?: BP

Provide a plugin to launch the browser. If none is provided, one of the pool's available plugins will be used.

If you configured BrowserPool to rotate multiple libraries, such as both Puppeteer and Playwright, you should always set the browserPlugin when using the launchOptions option.

The plugin will not be added to the list of plugins used by the pool. You can either use one of those, to launch a specific browser, or provide a completely new configuration.


id?: string

Assign a custom ID to the page. If you don't a random string ID will be generated.


launchOptions?: BP[launchOptions]

Options that will be used to launch the new browser.


pageOptions?: PageOptions

Some libraries (Playwright) allow you to open new pages with specific options. Use this property to set those options.